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Welcome to the website that I hope will soon be the place on the internet for those who love and ride Honda Goldwings and other Metric Cruisers and tour bikes. So you ask what is a Winigma? Well its sort of like this, an enigma is a puzzle something you just cant figure out. A Goldwing is a tour bike built by Honda Motorcycle company since 1974. Here is a History of the Goldwing by Steve Saunders Goldwing History So what you get when two guys who own a small shop plan to open a new retail location but have to wait till spring is a project done on a low budget to build a bike that will well Puzzle people and have them ask
What is it? Its a Winigma.
GL1100 Before Project Pictured Left is a
1983 Honda Goldwing Aspencade GL1100 This is not the one we started with but is the same model we started with unfortunately the photos we had of the original bike as it was when we purchased it on eBay from Mikes Famous Harley Davidson where lost in a computer crash.

Pictured Below is the Winigma Finished project

Pictures Of Project




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1983 GL100 Customized The Winigma

We also Had a 1994 GL 1500 witch at the same time we decided to restore and build for use as a fine touring motorcycle that Joe's son likes to call Bikezilla. Pictured Below.

1994 Honda Goldwing GL1500 Interstate
Restored wheel bearings on up and painted to add some flair originally was Green not nearly as exciting.
GL1500 Bikezilla Flamed Gold Wing
Well what became of the 1983 GL1100 well we decided to go a little crazy why because we can and it was a cold winter. We chopped up a Gold wing removed a lot of weight and rebuilt it with a 6 over front end lowered progressive rear suspension custom body work converted it to electric fuel pump custom exhaust mini apes and just did things that for all intensive purposes is wrong to get what we call the Winigma.  Now we haven't completely finished the project We got side tracked opening our new shop BikesBuiltBetter.com but plan to add photos of the progress and tech tips for Gold wing enthusiast as well as sources for parts and information about Gold wings. We would like to invite Goldwing enthusiasts and modifiers from all around to share pictures and stories of their own as well..
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Pictures and Stories Of Project Winigma